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The Elmont Group brings together specialized companies in the power industry with unique expert knowledge and many years of engineering experience, counted over decades.

The companies that create the Group are dynamic, developing enterprises, boldly looking to the future. We are innovative and we constantly expand our knowledge and possibilities based on our experience. For years we have been thinking and building for future generations, which is why one of the main paths, we follow is renewable energy (RES).

Our goal is to create a strong group of Polish and modern enterprises which specializations complement each other in the field of energy and construction. We want to increase the synergy effect that reflects into gaining a competitive advantage and a wide range of services for the client. When building the Group, we create new companies from the ground up, and we also invite companies with an established position on the market.

We are open to cooperation – join us, enter the higher level!


Our mission is to provide our clients with comprehensive investment service in the field of electricity infrastructure and renewable energy sources. And all this with the use of innovative solutions at the highest engineering and quality level, based on partnership principles, with respect for people and the environment. Providing profit to investors, sharing the results of work with their creators and contractors and caring for the local community is a part of our DNA.


We strive to build a strong leadership position in the power industry on the domestic market, winning international markets. Our development means concentrating specialist companies around us, which complement the offer of comprehensive customer service even more. It is a continuous improvement of our structure and increasing the competences of our employees, as well as creating friendly jobs for them, providing stability and satisfaction.

The Elmont capital group consists of companies with Polish capital

Thanks to the strength of the Group, we offer comprehensive implementation of electricity investments: starting from analysis and concept, through design and construction, to commissioning and putting them into use.

Our assembly and service teams operate throughout Poland. We have our own specialist equipment and we are able to carry out several dozen projects at the same time. After the investment is completed, our role does not end – we also provide services related to operation and maintenance.

We make every effort to ensure that the customer can focus only on his own goal

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