Elmont specializes in the production of LV, WN, MV, LV power equipment and installations. The company carries out projects as a general contractor in the “design – build” system or as a subcontractor of a given scope.


The company’s offer includes the implementation of facilities and infrastructure in the areas of:

Professional Energy
LV, WN, MV, LV power stations
• AIS and cable power lines LV, WN, MV, LV

Investments in Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
• wind farms,
photovoltaic power plants,
biogas plants.

Przemysłu Industry
power supply and voltage distribution,
installations of control and measurement equipment and automation

General Construction
power supply and electrical and teletechnical installations.


We provide our services wherever our clients are. We have already worked in such countries as: Germany, Denmark, Norway, France, Great Britain, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Romania and even Canada.

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Elmont Grupa

ul. Białostocka 5
16-070 Łyski
tel. +48 85 717 17 17
fax. +48 85 717 17 18
e-mail: biuro@elmontgrupa.pl