We are proud to announce that 2 electric vehicle charging stations have been set up at the front of our company headquarters. 1 charger is able to charge 2 electric vehicles with a power of 2 x 22 kW. The stations are available to both employees and clients of our company. Let us remember that…

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Farma Wiatrowa

5 10MW turnkey wind turbines

We begin the construction of 5 wind turbines in the EPC formula. The work will be completed in the 3rd quarter of 2022. The extent of work will cover comprehensive implementation, including the development of technical and permit documentation, earthwork, road work, building, construction and electrical work,  as well as making a complete as-built documentation…

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Farma wiatrowa i fotowoltaiczna

10 MWp PV farm

Elmont Grupa will implement another RES project for one of the largest Investors in our country. Taking into account the existing cooperation and professional service provided during construction of a wind farm, the client decided to entrust us with the task of constructing a solar farm. A photovoltaic farm with a capacity of over 10…

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GPO dla farmy wiatrowej

GPO WN/SN for a Wind Farm

Enspro design studio is preparing a project of the power station for a wind farm in the Świętokrzyskie voivodeship. As a part of the planned infrastructure, our designers will draft a construction design for a GPO 110/SN station with a connection to the 110 kV OSD network. We are happy to experience the RES industry…

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Family Picnic in the “Bird Grove”

Elmont Grupa’s personnel met in the ‘Bird Grove’ in order to celebrate Family Picnic amongst their closest ones yet again. There were many attractions prepared – both for the young and the older ones. Enormous inflatable slide was the biggest success, although the inflatable pool full of balls, Euro bungee, table football and air hockey…

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