Two RPZs for Innogy

Elektromontaż Wschód will modernize two 110 / 15kV District Supply Points Imielin and Grochów at the request of Innogy. As a general contractor, it is responsible for the modernization of the primary and secondary circuits of the 110 kV overhead switch station, 15kV switch station and the modernization of grounding transformer stations, including the replacement…

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Modernization of the Main Supply Point Stargard

On behalf of Enea, Elektromontaż Wschód, as the general contractor, deals with the modernization of the Stargrad Main Supply Point station. The scope of work includes: the disassembly and construction of the new Morzyczyn-Kluczewo power line input, the disassembly and construction of a new Morzyczyn I power line input, checking and commissioning of the Morzyczyn-Kluczewo,…

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The 110/15 kV Pisz substation is ready

Elektromontaż Wschód has completed the modernization of new lagging compensation units at the 110 / 15kV substation commissioned by PGE The scope of work: preparation of project documentation, delivery of primary devices, modernization of the grounding unit stations and TPW1 and TPW2 for auxiliary needs, modernization of the 15 kV switch station, installation of a…

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Construction of 110/15 / 1.3kV Dobczyn traction substation

Elektromontaż Wschód, as a general contractor, will build Traction Substation Dobczyn with power evacuation for railways under the government program MUZA III and MUZA IV. The scope of work includes: construction of internal roads, construction of the station’s external fence, construction of foundations: 110/15 / 1.3 / 1.3 kV transformer stations, transformer stations for own…

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PT and RS Kietlanka 110/15/3 kV are started

Elektromontaż Wschód has completed the turnkey construction of the PT Kietlanka 110/15/3 kV traction substation, a 0.5 km WN double-circuit cable line with a pipe pole and a 110 kV RS Kietlanka network switch station. The scope of work included: construction of a railway building – PT traction substation, construction of internal roads and the…

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GPZ 110/15kV Lewkowo from H1 to H4

Elektromontaż Wschód is modernizing the 110 / 15kV GPZ Lewkowo substation. The works are being carried out on a working station. The expansion of the 110kV switchgear from the H1 system to the H4 system along with the installation of new follow-up compensation devices includes the: construction of TR2, TPW2 stations, modernization of TPW1, construction…

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