The Elmont Group is a group of specialized companies in the electric power industry. Our history is based on the Elektromontaż brand, operating on the market for over 70 years, which has become a permanent part of the history of Polish industrial power engineering. It is well known and recognizable among industry investors and in the environment of electrical engineers and fitters. It was Elektromontaż that was responsible for the construction of the most famous and key industrial facilities for the development of our country’s economy in the field of electric power.


Technical staff of KGR Białystok

RPZ4 Białystok – transformer

Comprehensive electrical and power engineering works (including the construction of a MV line and connection to the grid) during the construction of the Sugar Plant in Łapy

1974 r.

Agnella Carpet Factory in Białystok – comprehensive electrical and power engineering works, including the construction of a MV line and connection to the grid

1977 r.

Electrical and power engineering works (including the construction of a MV line and connection to the grid) – Mlekpol Plant in Grajewo

1981 r.

Construction of MV line, connection to the grid, electrical and power engineering works – Mlekovita Dairy Plant

1987 r.


LV switchgear – Siemianówka Hydropower Plant

1996 r.

Elektromontaż Wschód Sp. z o.o. carries out electrical installation works on the construction of a water power plant on the Siemianówka Reservoir– the Company’s first step towards renewable energy

1996 r.


Hoop S.A. – Construction of electric and power engineering networks and a transformer station

2000 r.

Electrical installation works on the extension of Browar Łomża Sp. z o.o.”

2001 r.

Execution of electrical installation works during the construction of the Indoor Swimming Pool in Augustów

2001 r.

Design and implementation of construction, assembly, installation and renovation works at the head office of Rosti Sp. z o.o.

2003 r.

Execution of electrical installation works in the Cheese Plant Building and modernization and expansion of the plant’s 15kV power supply system, commissioned by Spółdzielnia Mleczarska “MLEKOVITA”

2004 r.


Execution of a 1000kVA transformer station and electrical installations in the field of power supply for automation, air-conditioning devices and a heat distribution system for the District Dairy Cooperative in Piątnica

2006 r.

Execution of works related to power supply to the hall, commissioned by Zakład Przemysłowy Sklejek “BIAFORM” S.A.

2006 r.

Connection of technological devices in the factory of PFLEIDERER MDF Sp. z o.o. in Grajewo

2007 r.

Modernization of power and distribution stations at Dairy Production Plant in Grajewo, Mrągowo and Kolno

2008 r.

Elektromontaż Wschód Sp. z o.o., as a general contractor, designs, builds and services the power supply and distribution network of one of the most modern factories of ultra-thin HDF Swedspan boards in Orla (currently IKEA Industry Poland Sp. z o.o.) – the largest foreign investment implemented in Poland in 2010

2010 r.


Elektromontaż Wschód Sp. z o.o. performs electrical installations at the construction site of the Leroy-Merlin hypermarket

2011 r.

Execution of electricity works related to the construction of the Mix hall on the premises of the Mlekovita Dairy Cooperative in Wysokie Mazowieckie

2011 r.


Elektromontaż Wschód Sp. z o.o. becomes the general contractor of a 110/15 kV station in the H5 system for PGE Dystrybucja S.A. in the “design-build” formula

2012 r.

Elektromontaż Wschód Sp. z o.o. brand new head office

2012 r.


Iława Wind Farm 12 MW

2014 r.

Electrical and power engineering works during the reconstruction and extension of the University Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Bialystok

2015 r.

Construction of a 110 kV HV cable line and a fibre optic line along with the removal of the collision between the Suwałki GPZ and the planned construction of Particle Board Production Plant Tanne Sp. z o.o.

2016 r.


Design, delivery, assembly and commissioning of a 6 kV switchgear for Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne “Police” S.A.

2017 r.

Complete modernization of the two-system 220/110/15 kV Ełk 1 substation

2018 r.

Photovoltaic power plant with a capacity of 1 MW in the town Krościna Wielka

2018 r.

Execution of the connection for the construction of nearly 4MW new photovoltaic installations in Milejczyce and Lewkowo

2018 r.


Comprehensive modernization of the 110/15 kV Kolno substation as a general contractor

2019 r.

Execution of electrical and power works related to the construction of a new hall and installation of new devices on behalf of Samasz Sp. z o.o. 

2019 r.

Power evacuation and construction of electricity infrastructure as well as construction of MV cable line for the needs of the PGE Klaster wind farm complex

2019 r.


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