Are you the land owner?

Be Eco and earn money!

Rent a plot for a photovoltaic farm!

We are looking for plots that meet the following criteria:
• area from 2 ha,
• soil class IV, V or VI,
• 500 m from the medium voltage line,
• flat land, unforested and unprotected by buildings, with southern exposure,
• with access via a paved road,
• no environmentally protected areas.Land lease on favorable terms – up to 12 000 PLN!

We will check if your land meets the above conditions. Taking into account both the requirements of regional planning and nature protection, we will examine the site for suitability for use in a solar power plant.

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renting land for photovoltaics?

Reliable profit – Guaranteed profit for up to 25 years! Every year, the amount is adjusted by the inflation rate.Stable additional income – Your account will be regularly credited with a certain amount. Your family will certainly need additional, steady income for the household budget.

Peace and safety -Thanks to the lease you will ensure peace and safety for the family.

Environmental protection – You have an influence on environmental protection and climate change.

Cooperation with local government units!

We are willing to cooperate with municipalities that meet our criteria. After positive verification of the land, establishing cooperation will bring municipalities a number of benefits in the form of, for example:
  • fixed revenues to the budget from the lease for a period of up to 25,
  • additional income in the form of real estate tax,
  • pro-ecological investment,
  • in some cases, establishing a company in a municipality.

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Fill out the form below and find out how much you will earn!


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